Our competence inputs in selected ventures is experience-based. An ongoing, interactive VM-seminar in venture management and exit optimization has led to a systematic approach applied at different stages of venture development.

We like to have board representation so that our board member can alert other Stoaf specialists when certain competence inputs are needed “on-demand”. Together with founders and other investors we focus the attention on reaching upside value inflection points in time and steering clear of downside inflection points.

In the Due Diligence of a start-up´s business case, we combine angels with area experience with professional assessment skills of General Partners (GPs). The GPs have the sole responsibility of undertaking the investment case analysis and investment design & negotiations. A common language is obtained via internal education and case practising of angels. A strict, step-wise decision-making is practiced based on R&D in Silicon Valley high-yielding funds and in behavioral science on decision-making under uncertainty.

These methods are interactively developed in our internal seminars by GPs and Certified Business Angels. All our competence partners are trained internally.

Their use is asked for on an ”on-demand” basis. These semi-professionals are SciTech´s business angels committing both capital and competence. Consequently, our angel partners invest in the fund, unlike junior partners of a traditional venture fund.


  • Seniority and Experience

  • Active Board Participation

  • Reaching Upside Value Inflection Points

  • Steer Clear of Downside Inflection Points

  • Specialist also in Mid-stage Development


Angels investing in SciTech come with a variety of educational, professional and personality backgrounds. And they have different languages and communication skills. For this reason, Stoaf provides a 3-step education and case training to make them better adapted to a variety of tasks they chose to do.